Prepackaged Medical Kits Trays Market to Record Stellar Growth During the Forecast Period (2018-2026)

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Multi-specialty hospitals becomes leading end user with increase in hospital acquired infections

Hospital associated infections in patients are caused during medical care. Due to large number of patients being treated at a time, there are high chances of infections to spread, even with high prevention measures being taken. This has increased the usage of disposable products in the hospital for different functions, such as pre-packed medical kits, sterile medical devices, and disposable gloves, among others. This has increased the scope of business for manufacturers dealing with pre-packaged medical kits and trays. These are the one-time use kits and trays which are used for a wide variety of minor surgical and medical procedures.

These trays also reduce the overall need for individual component packaging by bringing together all the required products in one kit/tray. Whereas, it is also pre-packaged and sterilized, which helps in preventing infections. The market is also popularizing with These factors make multi-specialty hospitals as the leading end user of pre-packaged medical kits and trays with the highest market value during the forecast period. However, the growth of market is expected to be significantly high in the ambulatory surgical centres segment, which is expected to create high incremental opportunities in the coming years. This end-user segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% during the forecast period.


Ease in the surgical procedures provided by pre-packaged medical kits and trays, makes it a preferred choice for surgeons

Along with being safer, the pre-packaged medical kits and trays are also more efficient and easy to use. They reduce the time spent in collection of all the surgical devices and products required during any specific surgery, management. It reduces human errors by adjusting the time of human efforts and space within the hospital. This attributes of pre-packaged medical kits and trays make it an obvious choice for surgeons, as it improves productivity, accuracy and precision of a surgeon.

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Secondly the reusable pre-packaged medical kits are preferred by the procurement team of the hospitals as it labelled under the “green products” resulting in considerably less impact on the environment, compared to loose medical devices and trays, dressings, suture removal, laparoscopy devices and others . Moreover the products are easily cleaned and sterilized by standard hospital processes commonly used for all surgical procedures.

FDA recalls and pricing pressure turns out to be the major hindrance in the growth of pre-packaged medical kits and trays market

Medical tools and kits have a crucial role to play in a surgical procedure, and thus, they have to be checked at different levels. Many times, these kits do not pass the testing process and are recalled. Such recall processes can affect the market adversely. These products go through a costly sterilization process and its recall may have a huge impact on the global market. The market is also expected to experience a pricing pressure.

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