Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Market Size Analysis by Growth Application Forecast to 2028

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After the introduction of smartphones in the global market, it has seen high rate of penetration in every part of the world. With high requirement for the smartphones there began many innovations in the market to make the device better and easy to use. One of the innovation which was incorporated for making these smartphones compact and lesser in weight, was the use of multilayer printed circuit board.

A multilayer printed circuit board is a circuit board that has more than two layers which is way more different than a Double-Sided printed circuit board which only has two conductive layers of material. The multilayer printed circuit board has at least three layers which are buried in the center of the material. Alternating layers of prepreg and core materials are laminated together under high temperature and pressure to produce Multilayer printed circuit board.

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Some of the drivers for the multilayer printed circuit board market is that it save a lot of space in a compact device like smartphones, which acts as a prime feature of its sales. With making the device compact and saving space multilayer printed circuit board also reduces the weight of the device as it reduces the need for interconnection wiring. Another drivers for the multilayer printed circuit board market is its use in the applications in the healthcare sector, which is leading to good increase in the demand for multilayer printed circuit board market. Also, multilayer PCBs are each designed to become one single unit. This means that they are easier to mount in a final product and usually have only one main connection point, neither of which is true with regards to separate, single layer printed circuit board.

Some of the restraints for multilayer printed circuit board market has been the availability of cheaper alternatives in the market. The cost of manufacturing, design and de-paneling a multilayer printed circuit board all goes on a higher side as compared to the other alternatives in the market which could be used unless there is much requirement for the small size factor. Also, multilayer printed circuit boards are the result of new technology, so the equipment required to produce them is still relatively expensive. Furthermore, producing multilayer printed circuit boards takes much longer than a traditional single or double layer printed circuit board, which also adds to the cost of the final product. The other restraint for the market is that if problems arise during the manufacturing process, fixing multilayer printed circuit boards is exponentially more difficult than fixing a traditional printed circuit board, because any possible flaws may be buried in internal layers.

Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Market: Segmentation

The Multilayer Printed Circuit Board market can be segmented on the basis of product type, application area, material, end-use industry, and region.

On the basis of product type the multilayer printed circuit board market can be divided into;

  • Layer 3-6
  • Layer 8-10
  • Layer 10+

On the basis of application area the multilayer printed circuit board market can be segmented into;

  • Computers
  • Data storage and Servers
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Healthcare related application
  • Test equipment
  • Others

Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Market: Key Players

Some of the key players of Multilayer Printed Circuit Board market are: AT&S, Compeq, Chin Poon, CMK, CCTC, Dynamic, Daeduck Group, Ellington, Founder Tech, Fujikura, Guangdong Xinda, Gold Circuit, HannStar, Ibiden, KBC PCB Group, Kinwong, LG Innotek, Meiko, Multek, Mflex, Nanya PCB, Nippon Mektron, Redboard, Sumitomo Denko, Samsung E-M, Shinko Denski, Simmtech, Shennan Circuit, SZ Fast Print, Shenzhen Suntak, Shenzhen Beidian Investment Co., Ltd., TTM Technologies, Tripod, T.P.T., Unimicron, Wus Group, Wuzhou, Young Poong Group, ZD Tech,  and others.

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On the basis of geography, multilayer printed circuit board market can be segmented across North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, SEA and other APAC, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among various regions, China is seen to be leading in terms of value due to high penetration of smartphones and computers in the market in which multilayer printed circuit board majorly find its application. China market for the multilayer printed circuit board is seen to be followed by Western Europe and North America. The region with the fastest rate of growth in the multilayer printed circuit board market for the forecast period is expected to be SEA and other APAC due to increasing initiative by the governments for partnering with local Telco’s to bring change in communication infrastructure specifically in India and ASEAN countries.