Urine Sediment Analyzer Market: Value Chain, Dynamics and Key Players2015 – 2021

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Urine sediments are solid particles that collect at the bottom of the tube containing a urine sample and can be detected with the help of a urine sediment analyzer. A urine sediment analyzer is an appliance used in a clinical setting to accomplish automatic urine testing. Urine sediment analysis with the help of a urine sediment analyzer is a non-invasive and reliable process for detecting renal or urinary tract diseases. It helps in the identification of physical, chemical, and microscopic properties of urine. Urine sediment analyzers help in detecting red and white blood cells, infectious organism, yeast, crystals, epithelial cells, cast, and bacteria. These are also used for detecting the presence of nitrite, glucose, protein, ketone and bilirubin as well as testing of pH. Urine sediment analyzers facilitate the measurement of the chemical quality and quantity of urine with the help of a computer controlled reflectance photometer. These models consist of urine strip readers—a kind of reflectance photometer that can process several strips per hour. Urine sediment analyzers help in detecting various diseases such as diabetes, kidney disorders, carbohydrate metabolism disorders, liver diseases, and urinary tract infections. Dipstick screening is the most common and cost effective device used to screen urine. A standard dipstick consists of 10 different chemical pads and is made of plastics and papers. Macroscopic and microscopic analysis are two types of urine analysis procedures. Automated urinalysis using a automated urine test strip is also commonly used to analyz urine. It helps measur calcium, blood glucose, ketones, and protein. Urinalysis instruments are categorized into semi-automated, fully automated, and reagents.

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North America dominates the global urine sediment analyzers market, followed by Europe, owing to high adoption rates of technologically advanced healthcare systems. Asia is expected to exhibit a high growth rate a result of the increasing growing aging population and improved healthcare infrastructure. Emerging countries such as Japan, China, and India are expected to show the fastest growth in Asia region due to the rise in the adoption rates of technologically advanced healthcare products.

In recent times, the use of urine sediment analyzers has increased due to rising awareness about better. Growing aging population, increasing healthcare and the gradual shift from manual processes to automation are some of the key factors driving the growth of the global urine sediment analyzers market. In addition, increasing preference of clinicians for complete urinalysis is also fuelling the growth of the global urine sediment analyzers market. However, the high cost of urinalysis is restraining the growth of the global urine sediment analyzers market. In addition, strict laws and regulations for the standardization of these devices is also hampering the growth of the Market.

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Portable and battery- operated urinalysis wouldlead fuel the growth of the urine sediment analyzers market in Asia. In addition, non-dipstick analytes could develop an opportunity for the growth of market. However, maintaining a comprehensive diagnostics interpretation would be a challenge for the global urine sediment analyzer market. Market trends in this analyzer market include development of low cost urine analyzers and innovations in the electronic industry, such as increased memory and enhanced computing power. Major companies operating in the global urine sediment analyzers market are Roche Diagnostics, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Bayer Healthcare, Merck, and Siemens Healthcare.

Key geographies evaluated in this report are: North America U.S Canada Europe France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK Eastern Europe CIS APAC China India Japan Australia Others Latin America Argentina Brazil Others

Key features of this report Drivers, restraints, and challenges shaping the Urine Sediment Analyzer market dynamics Latest innovations and key events in the industry Analysis of business strategies of the top players Urine Sediment Analyzer market estimates and forecasts(2015 -2021)

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