Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Market to Witness Widespread Expansion During 2018 – 2028

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Sales revenue in North America is projected to reach a market value of more than US$ 230 Mn by 2027 end

North America is estimated to be the most dominating region in the global industrial vacuum cleaner marketowing to huge pharmaceuticals and food & beverage industries and increasing awareness among users. North America industrial vacuum cleaner market is projected to create incremental $ opportunity close to US$ 90 Mn between 2017 and 2027. On the other hand, growing construction and automotive industries in MEA and APEJ are expected to fuel growth in the two regions during the forecast period. Western Europe is the second most lucrative region for the key players, functioning in the global industrial vacuum cleaner market who are looking forward to invest in the region. Western Europe captures more than 25% revenue share of the global market in the year 2017. Latin America market is forecast to grow at an above average growth rate owing to increasing demand from Mexico and Brazil during the forecast period.

Regional trends of the global industrial vacuum cleaner market

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North America

Various industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers are focused on developing innovative products which are economical and account for compact size provided with artificial intelligence. The products are available in the market in varying capacities, suitable for industrial as well as commercial applications. Robot industrial vacuum cleaner are equipped with the multiple cameras, sensors that uses Light Detection and Ranging and sensitive bumpers to detect obstacles. Such industrial vacuum cleaners are embedded with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology to keep it aware of its location

Eastern Europe

ATEX industrial vacuum cleaners are mostly preferred in Russia owing to the presence of many E&P facilities. Industrial vacuum cleaners are being adopted in waste management and furnace facilities in this region. Design of industrial vacuum cleaners is modified in Eastern Europe for better performance. This modification include change of material from metal to high grade plastics and scope for lighter and more manoeuvrable equipment.

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Western Europe

Geographical presence of Italy facilitates easy shipment of industrial vacuum cleaners to Eastern Europe, Central Europe and in MEA. This is one of the reasons for the presence of a large number of manufacturers in Italy and subsequently increasing sales of equipment.


APEJ is the preferred centre for global companies to set up manufacturing facilities. With the growing demand in this region for the cleaning equipment to replace the manual ones, industrial vacuum cleaners are catching the pace in the end use industries. China and India are the growing economies and thus focuses on expanding their production infrastructure to manufacture industrial vacuum cleaners.


A spectacular drift is observed in the manufacturing of industrial vacuum cleaner system where clean environment remains a prominent focus in MEA region. Revolution in industrial vacuum cleaner through Internet of Things for hygienic indoor environment is one of the significant trends in MEA. Key players are taking extra efforts to sustain in the competitive industrial vacuum cleaner market

LG Electronics, USA has invented industrial vacuum cleaner. The super-sized robot industrial vacuum will be used on the airports that are equipped with a high capacity canister, multiple motors and brushes. The U.K. based Quirepace Limited launched new M Class Tower TS60M industrial vacuum cleaners designed for medium hazard dust classes, mostly used at construction sites. The U.S. based Tennant Company launched V3e Compact Dry Canister Vacuum with three-stage HEPA filtration system, which is designed for carpet and hard floors with low sound and high operational productivity. Western Europe-based Nilfisk has recently acquired the US-based Hydro Tek and Pressure Pro. Moreover, in compliance with grades of dust classes, the companies are manufacturing products for the suction of fine and toxic dusts.

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