According to a recent report by KDMI, OVER-THE-TOP Market is anticipated to Boom by 2025

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KD Market Insights has published a new report on OVER-THE-TOP Market analysis and forecast 2018-2025. The report comprises of OVER-THE-TOP Market size, Y-o-Y growth analysis, and market dynamics, including growth drivers, restraining factors, opportunities, and trends which are spearheading current nature and future status of the market.

Over-the-top services refer to movies and TV shows that are delivered directly to digital users and it does not require cable or satellite television subscription. OTT content can be directly downloaded and viewed on user’s demand. This type of content includes movies and TV services and is delivered directly over the Internet to connected devices such as PC, tablet, smartphone, and console. Presently, over-the-top services are at a relatively nascent stage and are widely accepted as a trending technology across the globe. The over-the-top market is projected to witness innovative and advance transformation, which enable the customers to access everything they want at a single space. The global OTT market size was valued at $97.43 billion in 2017, and is projected to reach $332.52 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 16.7% from 2018 to 2025.

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The smartphone segment dominated the overall over-the-top market in 2017 and is expected to remain dominant during the forecast period, due to increase in adoption of smartphones to stream over-the-top services and growth in potential market for larger screen smartphones in developing economies. Also, the segment is expected to witness high growth rate in the upcoming years due to advent of affordable android-based smartphones, which have democratized online gaming and brought gameplay to millions of smartphone users.

The media & entertainment industry dominated the over-the-top market in 2017 and is expected to remain dominant during the forecast period, due to rise in numbers of digital-video consumers. This is expected to increase the demand of OTT services in media & entertainment industry. However, the IT & telecom industry is expected to witness highest CAGR in the OTT market forecast period due to the growth of over-the-top services in telecommunication industries for video calling, voice, and messaging services.

North America dominated the overall OTT market share in 2017, as the region is equipped with high broadband access as well as number of services, which have already moved on to providing several videos in HD and 4K. Also, new services such as AT&T, ESPN, Turner Sports and Crown Family Media Networks experienced strong traction in the U.S., which fuels the growth of the market. However, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at the highest CAGR as telecommunication providers offer OTT services with their data plans, which fuels the growth of the market.

The report focuses on the growth prospects, restraints, and OTT market trends. The study provides Porter’s five forces analysis of the OTT industry to understand the impact of various factors, such as bargaining power of suppliers, competitive intensity of competitors, threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, and bargaining power of buyers on the OTT market growth.

Segment review

The global OTT market is segmented based on component, deployment mode, device type, content type, revenue model, user type, end user, and region. Based on component, it is bifurcated into solutions and services. Based on deployment mode, the market is divided into on premise and cloud. Based on device type, the market is classified into smart devices, laptops, desktops and tablets, gaming consoles, and set-top box. Content type segment includes video, audio/VoIP, games, communication, and others. Based on revenue model, the OTT market is segmented into subscription, advertisement, transactional, and hybrid. Based on industry vertical, it is categorized into media & entertainment, education & training, health & fitness, sports & live events, IT & telecom, E-commerce, BFSI, government, and others. Based on region, it is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

The key players operating in the global over-the-top industry include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netflix, Hulu, LLC, Google LLC, Apple Inc., Facebook, Telestra, Rakuten Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and Tencent Holdings Ltd.

Top impacting factors

Surge in OTT demand in developing regions, rise of SVoD services in emerging markets, expansion in the variety of contents, and increase in the demand for live streaming channels majorly supplement the growth of the market. However, lack of data network infrastructure and latency issues are expected to hamper the market growth. Furthermore, emergence of new OTT markets and new developments in OTT technology are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for the market.

Surge in OTT demand in developing regions

OTT demand in developing regions has been held back by low fixed broadband penetration driven by poor coverage and investment as well as presence of large population segments on low income. However, ongoing improvement in broadband penetration and increase in per capita income of population drives the growth of the OTT market. There is a noticeable improvement in the speed and performance of broadband networks. For instance, the percentage of households in Brazil are achieving greater than 4Mbps speed, which is increased from 44% in Q1 2016 to 63% in Q1 2017. The most significant improvements have been made in the 4Mbps bracket; however, there is also an increase in the number of households achieving greater than 10Mbps and 15Mbps speed. Adoption and coverage of these speeds are still low, but there is an increase in the average speeds for Latin America, Middle East & Africa, and developing countries of Asia-Pacific.

Rise of SVoD services in emerging markets

The growth in investment in broadband infrastructure, with the improvement in network speed and performance, has opened up several opportunities for video over IP segment. Increase in penetration of SVoD services in emerging markets is expected to fuel OTT market growth in the upcoming years. For instance, OTT video is projected to grow to 6.4% of emerging market households, which is close to 103 million in total, by the end of 2019. However, in 2014, SVoD services were available to just 1.3% of emerging market households, with a user base of 19.4 million. OTT video is mostly advertising-funded across the emerging economies, but paid models are gaining traction within hybrid business models, whereby services offer free content to expand the user base, but at the same time position premium subscription video on demand (SVoD) and transactional video on demand (TVoD) content to generate additional revenue.

Emergence of new OTT markets

By 2025, digital growth is expected to add over a billion middle tier consumers in the upcoming markets for telcos. This opens up new markets for many OTT players. The OTT services comprise messaging, voice, content consumption, and video calling services. Many of these areas were previously dominated by the “voice” services provided by conventional telco players. Apps, such as Google Hangouts, Facetime by Apple, and WhatsApp are already offering user-friendly, innovative, and attractive voice and video messaging services. These products have established their presence with their high-quality offerings and their widespread acceptance across the consumers poses a threat to the traditional markets of telcos unless they find ways to profit from the OTT opportunities due to which numerous telecom providers enter the market. This is expected to create lucrative opportunities for the OTT market.


– This study includes the global OTT market analysis, trends and future estimations to determine the imminent investment pockets.
– The report presents information related to key drivers, restraints, and OTT market opportunity.
– The OTT market size is quantitatively analyzed from 2017 to 2025 to highlight the financial competency of the OTT industry.
– Porter’s five forces analysis illustrates the potency of buyers & suppliers in the industry.


– Solution
– Services

– Smartphones
– Smart TV’s
– Laptops Desktops and Tablets
– Gaming Consoles
– Set-Top Box
– others

– Video
– Audio/VoIP
– Games
– Communication
– Others

– Subscription
– Advertisement
– Hybrid
– Others

– Personal
– Commercial

– Media & Entertainment
– Education & Training
– Health & Fitness
– IT & Telecom
– E-commerce
– Government
– Others


North America
– U.S.
– Canada
– Germany
– France
– UK
– Italy
– Spain
– Rest of Europe
– Japan
– China
– Australia
– India
– South Korea
– Rest of Asia-Pacific
– Latin America
– Middle East
– Africa


– Amazon Web Services (AWS)
– Netflix
– Hulu, LLC
– Google LLC
– Apple Inc.
– Facebook
– Telestra
– Rakuten Inc.
– Microsoft Corporation
– Tencent Holdings Ltd.


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Table of Content


1.1. Report description
1.2. Key benefits for stakeholders
1.3. Key market segments
1.4. Research methodology

1.4.1. Secondary research
1.4.2. Primary research
1.4.3. Analyst tools & models


2.1. Key findings

2.1.1. Top impacting factors
2.1.2. Top investment pockets

2.2. CXO perspective


3.1. Market definition and scope
3.2. Key Forces Shaping Over-the-Top Market

3.2.1. Moderate-to-high bargaining power of suppliers
3.2.2. High bargaining power of buyer
3.2.3. Low-to-moderate threat of substitutes
3.2.4. Moderate-to-high threat of new entrants
3.2.5. High competitive rivalry

3.3. Value Chain Analysis
3.4. Case Studies

3.4.1. Bonnier Corporation
3.4.2. Canal Digital

3.5. Market dynamics

3.5.1. Drivers Growing OTT demand in developing regions Rise of SVoD services in emerging markets Expansion in the variety of contents Growth in the demand of live streaming channels

3.5.2. Restraints Lack of data network infrastructure Latency issues

3.5.3. Opportunities Emergence of new OTT markets New developments in OTT technology


4.1. Overview
4.2. Solution

4.2.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
4.2.2. Market size and forecast, by region
4.2.3. Market analysis by country

4.3. Services

4.3.1. Key market trends, growth factors, and opportunities
4.3.2. Market size and forecast, by region
4.3.3. Market analysis by country


5.1. Overview
5.2. Smartphones

5.2.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
5.2.2. Market size and forecast, by region
5.2.3. Market analysis by country

5.3. Smart TV’s

5.3.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
5.3.2. Market size and forecast, by region
5.3.3. Market analysis by country

5.4. Laptops, Desktops, and Tablets

5.4.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
5.4.2. Market size and forecast, by region
5.4.3. Market analysis by country

5.5. Gaming Consoles

5.5.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
5.5.2. Market size and forecast, by region
5.5.3. Market analysis by country

5.6. Set-Top Box

5.6.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
5.6.2. Market size and forecast, by region
5.6.3. Market analysis by country

5.7. Others

5.7.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
5.7.2. Market size and forecast, by region
5.7.3. Market analysis by country


6.1. Overview
6.2. Video

6.2.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
6.2.2. Market size and forecast, by region
6.2.3. Market analysis by country

6.3. Audio/ VoIP

6.3.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
6.3.2. Market size and forecast, by region
6.3.3. Market analysis by country

6.4. Games

6.4.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
6.4.2. Market size and forecast, by region
6.4.3. Market analysis by country

6.5. Communication

6.5.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
6.5.2. Market size and forecast, by region
6.5.3. Market analysis by country

6.6. Others

6.6.1. Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities
6.6.2. Market size and forecast, by region
6.6.3. Market analysis by country

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