Submarine AIP System Market is set to garner staggering revenues by 2017 to 2026

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This XploreMR Report examines, global submarine AIP system market for the forecast period 2017–2026. The prime purpose of the report is to find opportunities and trends in the market and provide insights pertaining to segments of the global submarine AIP system market.

To understand the opportunities and trends in this market, the report is categorically divided into three sections namely on the basis of product type, fit type, and region. The report analyzes global submarine AIP system.

An air independent propulsion (AIP) is any marine propulsion technology that allows a non-nuclear submarine to operate without access to atmospheric oxygen. AIP can augment or replace the diesel-electric propulsion system of non-nuclear vessels. As of 2016, the following countries have developed their own AIP systems to be fitted on submarines. Germany – Fuel Cell Sweden – Stirling Japan – Stirling France – MESMA Spain – Fuel Cell India – Fuel Cell Russia – Fuel Cell People’s Republic of China – Stirling

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Submarine AIP system allow diesel-electric submarines to recharge their batteries without running their engines. This allows them to continue sailing underwater and retain the element of surprise by going undetected. The system should also enables the submarine to retain extremely low noise signatures.

Submarines which use AIP need to sail at speeds of less than 10 kts in order to achieve exceptional endurance of 14-18 days as advertised. In comparison, a nuclear powered sub can travel for an unlimited distance at 30-35 kts without sacrificing endurance. So AIP equipped submarines cannot replace nuclear submarines when it comes to blue water or extended period operations. Other than Fuel Cells, the 3 remaining technologies have a lot of moving parts which generate noise. This is not desirable as quietness is very essential for all submarines. So by using Stirling, MESMA and CCD AIP systems, submarines will be sacrificing some of their stealthiness for additional endurance.

Global submarine AIP system market is anticipated to witness significant revenue growth over the forecast period. Growing focus on enhancement of endurance of low cost nuclear submarines and governments putting in huge investments in submarine development, to push the demand for submarine  AIP systems.

The development of second generation AIP systems has been the latest trend in the market. Report starts with market overview and provides market definition and analysis about drivers, restraints, and key trends. The section that follows includes analysis of global Submarine AIP system by product type, Fit type, and region. The three sections evaluate the global Submarine AIP system on the basis of various factors covering present scenario and future prospectus. The report also provides region-wise data of local and international companies, new install base of Submarine AIP system

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The Submarine AIP system market is segmented as follows:

On the basis of product type the market is segmented into the following: Closed Cycle Diesel Engines Closed Cycle Steam Turbines Sterling Cycle Engines Fuel Cells

Closed Cycle Diesel Engines accounts for the largest market share in the global submarine AIP system market, though slow growth is expected. Fuel cell Segment is expected to expand at maximum CAGR of all segments.

On the basis of Fit Type, the market is segmented as follows: Line Retro

Retro fit accounts for the largest market share in the global submarine AIP system market, as can be accommodated in older models, though slow growth is expected. Line Fit Segment is expected to expand at maximum CAGR of all segments.

Regions covered in the report are as follows: Asia Pacific excluding Japan North America Western Europe Latin America Middle East & Africa Japan

Saab AB, Siemens AG, General Dynamics Corporation, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA, China Shipbuilding Industry Co. Ltd., DCNS SA, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH, Lockheed Martin Corporation United Shipbuilding Corporation are some of the key players competing in the global submarine AIP system market place.

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