Modified Starch Market to Record an Exponential CAGR by 2025

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Modified Starch Market Outlook

The changing lifestyle, increasing urbanization and working population as well as changing dietary patterns has increased the demand for and convenience food over past decade. The increasing demand for processed food ultimately increases the need for various food additives. Food additives are substances that are added to various food products for specific functions like preservation, enhance or impart taste or texture and other qualities. Modified Starch has been developed since a long time and is getting popular as food additives in food industry recently. Modified starch is prepared by chemically, physically or enzymatically treating native starches in order to change its properties. Modified Starch with desired properties can be prepared by selecting a certain modifying agent as well as native starch source. Modified Starch thus is utilized for various application purposes in food as well as non-food industries. Thus with increasing applications and advances in technology the demand for modified starch is expected to increase over the forecast period.

Growing Demand for Modified Starch with Increasing Demand for Processed Food as well as High Number of Functional Benefits from Modified Starch

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The demand for modified starch is expected to increase with its growing number applications in food as well as non-food industries. Increased demand for processed food with changing lifestyle and urbanization as well increasing number of applications in non-food markets are some of the prime drives in global modified starch market. Modified Starch is used for various applications like binding agent, fat reducer, stabilizer, emulsifier, thickener, etc. The increasing demand for stabilizing agents as well as thickeners from food industry is proven to be an important factor for increased demand of modified starch across the globe. Modified starch serve several application in textile, cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceuticals, paper industry. The growth in these industries proves to be a positive factor for global modified starch market. However, the availability of various substitutes as well as on-going ‘clean-label’ trends are proving as some prime factor that are hindering modified starch market from reaching its full potential. Thus with all these factors the global modified starch market is expected to grow positively both in terms of value and volume over the forecast period.

Modified Starch: Market Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the modified starch market can be segmented as Acetylated starch Anionic starch Cationic Starch Cross-linked Starch Dextrin Enzyme modified starch Grafted starch Oxidized Starch Physically modified starch Pre-gelatinized Starch Starch Ethers & Esters Thinned starch

On the basis of Source, the modified starch market can be segmented as Corn Potato Wheat Tapioca Rice 

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On the basis of End Use, the modified starch market can be segmented as Food & Beverages Frozen Food Flavor Encapsulation Bakery Products Convenience Foods Dairy Products Meat & Poultry Animal Feed Textile Industry Paper Industry Wood Industry Cosmetics & Personal Care Pharmaceuticals Bio-Ethanol 

On the basis of Function, the modified starch market can be segmented as Thickening Stabilizing Binding Emulsifying Agents Texturizers Viscocifier Film Formers 

Global Modified Starch Market: Key Players

The global Modified starch Market is competitive, some of the key players active in modified starch market include of Cargill Incorporated, .Associated British Foods plc., Archer Daniels Midland Company, Beneo-Remy N.V., Biotechnology Process Co., Chaodee Modified Starch Co., Ltd, China Essence Group Ltd, Emsland-Starke GmbH, Everest Starch Pvt. Ltd., Global Bio-Chem Technology Group Company Limited, Grain Processing Corporation Company, Ingredion Incorporated, Khoosheh Fars Company, KMC Kartoffelmelcentralen A.M.B.A, Pars Khoosheh Pardaz Co., Roquette Frères Company, Samyang Corporation, SMS Corporation Co., Ltd., SPAC Starch Products (India) Ltd., Tate & Lyle PLC.

Opportunities for Market Participants

The global modified starch market is growing at a rapid pace and thus existing as well as emerging players with a wide number of opportunities. With the on-going R&D as well as advancements, the increasing number of application of modified starch across various industries especially in flourishing cosmetics & personal care sector has opened novel opportunities for modified starch. The increasing number growing HoReCa sector as well as increasing number of fast food outlet across the globe increase the demand for modified starch for enhancement of food products. The increasing penetration of e-Commerce has opened opportunities for emerging as well as local players in modified starch space to provide their products across the globe.

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