Baby Diapers Market 2018-2025: Key Player, Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast

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A new market research report on the global Baby Diapers market has introduced by KD Market Insights. The report is dedicated to in-depth industry analysis of the global growing-up market. The global Baby Diapers analysis is broken down on different segmentation levels including Market by Product Type.

The global baby diapers market is segmented into cloth, disposable, training nappy, swim pants and biodegradable diapers. During 2013, the disposable diapers segment amassed the largest market share of about 66% of the global market. Based on geographic regions, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA. Baby diaper market in the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow speedily at a CAGR of 8.3% as compared to the other regions, namely North America and Europe. Baby Diapers market is further analyzed based on major countries within the analyzed regions.

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The companies operating in this market are focusing on manufacturing cost effective and skin friendly diapers that will cater to the customers with pressing demands for quality and cost effectiveness. However, the global baby diapers market growth would witness hurdles due to high-priced products and various social and environmental issues. As billions of diapers are disposed every year, and due to the slow rate of bio-degradation, adverse health effects are caused due to the toxic chemicals, namely xylene, toluene and other chemicals present in diapers. This factor would pose as a formidable challenge to the growth of the market in the future. However, the bio-degradable market would grow in demand and the restraint would be boon in disguise for the growth of the bio-degradable baby diapers market.

Many companies aim to develop and market newer variants of baby diapers; for instance, SCA Hygiene launched Libero that meets the flexi-fit design and softness requirements of the customers. Companies profiled in the report are Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, SCA Hygiene, Hengan, Unicharm, KAO Corporation, Bumkins, American Baby Company and Diapees and Wipees.

– The in-depth research and analysis of key market players will enable manufacturers to adopt new strategies that would help them in taking decisions regarding growth and eventfully gain competitive advantage.
– The market estimation for 2020 would facilitate the customers in formulating long term strategies to garner market share.
– The highlights of the changing customer needs and demand would facilitate the companies to produce newer variants catering to needs of all the customers.
– The report provides the extensive analysis of diaper manufacturing industries, current trends in the market, drivers and challenges.
– Porter’s five force model and SWOT analysis discussed for global baby diapers market would help in making strategic decisions.

The report has segregated the market in terms of the type of the product and the geography.

Market by Product Type
– Cloth Diapers
– – – Flat Cloth Diapers
– – – Fitted Cloth Diapers
– – – Pre-Fold Cloth Diapers
– – – All in one Cloth Diapers
– – – Other Cloth Diapers
– Disposable Diapers
– – – Ultra Absorbent Disposable Diapers
– – – Regular Disposable Diapers
– – – Super Absorbent Disposable Diapers
– – – Bio-Degradable Disposable Diapers
– – – Swim Pants
– Biodegradable Diapers

Market By Geography
North America
– United States
– Canada
– Mexico
– Germany
– United Kingdom
– Others
– China
– India
– Japan
– Others

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Table of Content

1.1. Report Description
1.2. Reason to doing this study
1.3. Key Benefits
1.4. Key Market Segment
1.5. Key Audiences
1.6. Research Methodology
1.6.1. Secondary Research
1.6.2. Primary Research
1.6.3. Analyst tool & Model

2.1. CXO perspective
2.2. Market Beyond: what to expect by 2025
2.2.1. Base case scenario
2.2.2. Optimistic scenario
2.2.3. Critical scenario

4.1. Market Definition and Scope
4.2. Introduction to Diapers
4.2.1. Diaper Design
4.2.2. Raw Materials
4.2.3. Manufacturing Process
4.3. A study of global birth rates and economic developments
4.4. Percentage Change in Female Labor Participation Rate
4.5. Per Capita Annual Disposable Income, By Country
4.6. A study on Health Concerns in using Baby Diapers
4.7. Key Findings
4.7.1. Top Factors impacting the market
4.7.2. Top Investment Pockets
4.7.3. Top winning strategies
4.8. Porter’s Five force Analysis
4.9. Value chain analysis
4.10. Market share analysis, 2013
4.11. Case Studies
4.12. Market Dynamics
4.12.1. Drivers
4.12.2. Restraints
4.12.3. Opportunities

5.1. Cloth Diapers
5.1.1. Key market trends
5.1.2. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.1.3. Market size and forecast
5.2. Disposable Diapers
5.2.1. Key market trends
5.2.2. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.2.3. Market size and forecast
5.3. Training Nappy
5.3.1. Key market trends
5.3.2. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.3.3. Market size and forecast
5.4. Swim Pants
5.4.1. Key market trends
5.4.2. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.4.3. Market size and forecast
5.5. Biodegradable Diapers
5.5.1. Key market trends
5.5.2. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.5.3. Market size and forecast

6.1. Cloth diapers market by type
6.2. Global Flat Cloth Diapers Market, by geography
6.2.1. Market size and forecast
6.3. Global Fitted Cloth Diapers Market, By Geography 2013
6.3.1. Market size and forecast
6.4. Global Pre-fold Cloth Diapers Market, By Geography 2013
6.4.1. Market size and forecast
6.5. Global All-in-one Cloth Diapers Market, By Geography 2013
6.5.1. Market size and forecast
6.6. Global Other Cloth Diapers Market, By Geography 2020
6.6.1. Market size and forecast

7.1. Global Disposable Diapers Market By type
7.1.1. Market size and forecast
7.1.2. Global Ultra Absorbent Disposable Diapers Market, by geography Market size and forecast
7.1.3. Global Regular Disposable Diapers Market, by geography Market size and forecast
7.1.4. Global Super Absorbent Disposable Diaper Market, by geography Market size and forecast
7.1.5. Global Bio-degradable Disposable Diaper Market, by geography Market size and forecast

8.1. North America
8.1.1. Key market trends
8.1.2. Market growth factors and opportunities
8.1.3. Market size and forecast
8.1.4. US
8.1.5. Canada
8.1.6. Mexico
8.2. Europe
8.2.1. Key market trends
8.2.2. Market growth factors and opportunities
8.2.3. Market size and forecast
8.2.4. Spain
8.2.5. Germany
8.2.6. U.K
8.2.7. Others
8.3. Asia Pacific
8.3.1. Key market trends
8.3.2. Market growth factors and opportunities
8.3.3. Market size and forecast
8.3.4. China
8.3.5. India
8.3.6. Japan
8.3.7. Others
8.4. LAMEA
8.4.1. Key market trends
8.4.2. Market growth factors and opportunities
8.4.3. Market size and forecast
8.4.4. Brazil
8.4.5. Saudi Arabia
8.4.6. Africa
8.4.7. Others

9.1. Kimberly Clark
9.1.1. Company overview
9.1.2. Company snapshot
9.1.3. Business performance
9.1.4. Key Strategies and developments
9.1.5. SWOT analysis
9.2. Procter & Gamble
9.2.1. Company overview
9.2.2. Company snapshot
9.2.3. Business performance
9.2.4. Key Strategies and developments
9.2.5. SWOT analysis

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