RF-over-Fiber (RFoF) Solutions Market to Record an Exponential CAGR by 2025

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RF-over-Fiber Solutions are widely used in the entertainment industry which require Radio Frequency transmits over an optical fiber cable. RF over Fiber (RFoF) refers to a technology whereby a radio frequency signal modulated light and transmitted over an optical fiber link.  The satellite ground stations or teleports use an effective method of wire-based transmission of RF signals between field-based receiving antennas and ICT control rooms or between different equipment centers. Further, these signals transmits over an optical fiber cable to the destination. At the beginning of the era of transmission, copper or coaxial cables are used which are replaced by fiber optics. RF over Fiber technology has several advantages over copper-based counterparts such as significant lower transmission losses and higher signal quality which results in a future-proof connectivity platform in any environment. The system includes optic fiber cables, chassis, splitters and combiners, optical switches, optical DE multiplexer modules and others. The demand of RF-over-Fiber Solutions is increasing due to the new applications such as sound recording and transmission which is expected to grow the market. It is getting attraction in small players who organize orchestra, music shows, and others. RF-over-Fiber Solutions market is expected to witness an escalating demand among the consumers and industries because of its broad applications. 

RF-over-Fiber Solutions: Market Dynamics

RFoF is used to convert and transmit radio signals through cables. This technology has gained importance due to its varied applications and cheap cost. Almost all the countries have a presence of RFoF systems and using the same for various purposes. North America, however, is the largest market for RF-over-Fiber Solutions. Applications in LTE, WiMax, DAS, GPS and others has increased its demand globally. Initially, this technology was meant to cater the signals sent to and fro satellites but later with little modification, the same system found applications in various industries. Till date, RF-over-Fiber Solutions is employed by entertainment and navigation industry. Many new applications are springing in the market every day which requires RF-over-Fiber Solutions because of its unique properties. RF-over-Fiber Solutions market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to its versatile benefits and vast usage. However, RF-over-Fiber Solutions comes along with some restraints. RF-over-Fiber Solutions is purely dependent on the frequency and wavelength of the signal, infrastructure and specific requirements and the type of cabling and instruments used which can increase cost and can create disturbance in signals.

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Manufacturers have an opportunity in the production of RF-over-Fiber Solutions for small varieties users which are the upcoming trend in the market. This product can further increase applications and help further growth of the market.

RF-over-Fiber Solutions: Market Segmentation 

RF-over-Fiber Solutions market can be segmented on the basis of type of equipment’s, which include: Standalone modules Subsystems Chassis Modules Splitters and combiners Optical switches Optical DE multiplexer Others

RF-over-Fiber Solutions market can be segmented on the basis of types of application, which include: LTE WiMax DAS GPS Entertainment Others 

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RF-over-Fiber Solutions: Segment Outlook

RF-over-Fiber Solutions market can be segmented on the type of equipment’s which include standalone modules, subsystems, chassis, modules, splitters and combiners, optical switches, optical de multiplexer and others. RF-over-Fiber Solutions market can also be segmented on the type of application which includes LTE, WiMax, DAS, GPS, Entertainment and Others.

RF-over-Fiber Solutions: Regional Outlook

Regional coverage for RF-over-Fiber Solutions market includes North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Japan. RF-over-Fiber Solutions market witnesses a high demand and production in North America and Europe because of the significant investments in the region and high demand.

RF-over-Fiber Solutions: Market Players             

The market players in RF-over-Fiber Solutions market are RF-Design, Optical Zonu Corporation, DEV Systemtechnik, HUBER + SUHNER, EMcore, Foxcom, Finisar and many more.

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